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Sevcik and the Bear.

This post will probably not be of much interest to anyone but I feel like writing it anyway.  I recently purchases the Sevcik violin studies arranged for bass.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about Sevcik wrote around 7 billion bowing studies based on a simple 2 octave C Major scale.  After one night of practice on them I am convinced that this book is exactly what I am looking for.  I went through about 8 different permutations before practicing my Bach and really felt/heard an improvement.  I don’t think that my bow arm got that much better in 20 minutes but that it (my bow arm) was much more relaxed from the repetitive nature of the Sevcik.   So more that just improving you strokes the Sevcik also serves as a centering and relaxing tool creating more effective practice sessions in general.Sevcik


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Quote of the Day

T3’s complete lack of usefulness set the issue of droid rights so far back that 10,000 years later R2 and 3PO weren’t allowed in the cantiana in ep. 4 simply because they were droids who invoked the memory of the useless one (T3).

-Tim Marie Johnson

June 29, 2007 at 12:22 pm 1 comment

Hear me baby hold together.

Well I was going to post this earlier but wordpress was going crazy anyway Boss John and I went on an epic mountain bike ride on Wednesday which was a lot of fun and a decent workout. Overall the trails at Cesars Creek are pretty good. There where a number of technical downhills and turns but no logovers (at least on the section we where on) whatsoever. I will definatly be going back to investigate the rest of the trails and provide a full report when I have finished scouting them. Oh yes and the title of this post refers to Boss John’s bike as it went through some pretty crazy stuff for not being a mountian bike (plus someone deactivated his hyper pedal).

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This Weekend at the Movies.

Well here we are another week has drawn to a close and some new movies have appeared at your local cinema. The big movie this week would probably be Live Free or Die Hard the fourth in a series detailing the size of Bruce Willis balls. Although I havn’t seen it yet (I plan to) I have heard from some reputable movie watchers that it is quite good. Next is Rattatoui (probably spelled wrong I know) Pixar’s latest animated creation about how tasty rats are. If I am not mistaken (I’m not) it is a bunch of animated shorts that tell you the best way to prepare and eat rats (tasty). Finally there is the epic chick flick Evening which is sadly the only movie that I have seen so far. I worked the projection booth last night and was relagated to watching that which is unwatchable to most. While Evening was generally pretty bad by my standards there where a few postive points. First Claire Danes was looking pretty good ( I dig redheaded 50’s jazz singers being one myself) and did a decent job in the acting department which leaves me even more hopeful for Stardust. Second the music was pretty good with a mix of lounge style jazz vocal numbers and a nicely arranged tonal score that never got cheesy. On the down side this movie delt with a number of things I don’t care about namely love, childern and drunk people getting hit by cars (spoiler ?). Overall not a bad week stay posted for my offical review of Transformers early next week.

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Quote of the Day.

“Nothing in all art is as painful as unsuccessful originality”

-Carl Nielson

June 26, 2007 at 4:10 pm 3 comments

Viola da Gamba

The Viola da Gamba or bass viol is, at least in my opinion one of the cooler instruments out there. Here is a very well played example of some music of Carl Freidrich Abel the last great master of the Viola da Gamba.

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T3 is the devil

I know some of you out there think that T3 (the pointless droid from KOTOR) is cool and hip.  You may have even seen the “cool” kids out you school hanging out and sorting coke with T3.  But let me show the light T3 is evil he represents all that is wrong with the galaxy.   I know from a pretty reliable source (Darth Revan(Me) ) that T3 runs on a combination of baby pandas and kitten tears.  Something to think about before you party with strange droids.

June 26, 2007 at 1:27 pm 2 comments

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