Science + Art = Nerd

August 7, 2007 at 3:57 am 1 comment

I have been thinking a good deal lately about what sort of research I would like to pursue after the completion of my undergraduate degree. My thought as of late have been dwelling upon the connections between science (especially biology and organic chemistry) and art (in my case music). Throughout history the arts and sciences have been closely linked creating many people who where all at once the most brilliant scientist/philosophers but also the leaders in musical thought. Guillaume de Machaut comes to mind as an early example of this as, he was not only a brilliant and innovative composer but a government administrator and philosopher. Later people like Leonardo Da Vinci would, do to their prowess in both art (painting/sculpture) and science (anatomy and engineering) lead to the idea of the Renaissance (Wo) Man who excelled in both science and art exemplifying the age of reason and re-birth. After the Renaissance a split seems to develop between art and science as various facets of each broke off and became more and more specialized until the point where it is nearly impossible to become highly educated and fluent in both the arts and sciences. This is one thing that I hope to rectify as I think that science is like art represents as very important of what it is to be sentient beings. We have beyond the ability to eat, sleep and reproduce (which we are a little to good at) we are able to reason, observe and create. As a fan and student of both music(art) and biology(science) I see at the fundamental level little difference between decoding the counterpoint of J.S. Bach and the analysis of the human genome. In DNA amino acids are assembled in unique and harmonious pairs in a double helix while, in a fugue a subject is complemented with a counter subject creating not proteins, but with implied harmonies that become the flesh of a composition. This is but one of the ways in which science and art can once again at the fundamental and upper echelon find common ground.


-Yeah thats right I can kinda use photoshop…


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  • 1. tendie  |  August 11, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Wow that post almost made no sense whatsoever. But good luck with your melding of science and art.

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