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Hot Violone action!

Here is a video of a Baroque Orchestra performing  Scarlatti’s Sinfonia in Ut (C) major with some brief but cool shots of the violone in action.


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    I have a few updates on the hunt for a new bass and grad school.  As far as the new bass goes I have encountered a few set-backs:  namely the sale of my current bass fell through so I am stuck for the moment.  This is rather frustrating as I have already found a new bass that fits my needs (and for the most part my budget) but without the sale of my current instrument I will be unable to finance the new one.  So if anyone out there is looking for a nice old Kay let me know because I am ready to get out of the plywood jungle.

In other news I have set off my first grad school application and will hopefully be hearing from them in the near future.  I pretty excited about going to grad school as I will finally be able focus my studies on the Baroque and Renaissance Eras.  It would also be nice to be a G.A. and maybe teach a class (and get paid!).


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Yes I know it has been a while…

Alright I am on break now so I should have more time to blog (I know I always say this).  I am heading back to work tomorrow so It is possible that I will re-start my this weekend at the movies post this week.  Speaking of the movie theater business I would like to direct everyone to this fantastic web comic called Multiplex.  Multiplex provides just about the best representation of what it is like to work at a movie theater that I have found on the internet.   I have now read all 180 strips and pretty much laughed myself into oblivion.  By reading this you might come to understand why I have worked in the movie theater business for almost 9 years.


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