A Poem by Shah Isma’il

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Here is a poem composed by Shah Isma’il the first king (shah) of the Safavid Empire. His poetry is very interesting, I will be interested to see what everyone thinks of it. I should also note that despite what you are about to read Isma’il was not crazy.

Adun Shah Isma’il haqqun siriyam

Shah Isma’il is my name, I am the mystery of Truth

Of all of these Ghazis I am the commander

Fatima is my mother, ‘Ali is my father

Of the twelve Imams I am the Pir

Upon Yazid I revenged my father’s blood

Know well that I am the coin of Haydar

The living Khidr and Jesus son of Mary

The Alexander of the people of the afe

Behold Yazid and the polytheist and the dammed!

Quit am I of the Qibla of the hypocrites

With me is Prophethood and the secret of Sanctity

Successor am I to Muhammad Mustafa

With my sword have I subdued the world

I am the Qanbar (menial slave) of ‘Ali Murtada

Safi is my grandfather, Haydar is my father

Of the people of courage, truly I am Ja’far

Husayni am I-my curse upon Yazid

Khata’i am I, a servant of the Shah


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