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Hot Violone action!

Here is a video of a Baroque Orchestra performing  Scarlatti’s Sinfonia in Ut (C) major with some brief but cool shots of the violone in action.


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    I have a few updates on the hunt for a new bass and grad school.  As far as the new bass goes I have encountered a few set-backs:  namely the sale of my current bass fell through so I am stuck for the moment.  This is rather frustrating as I have already found a new bass that fits my needs (and for the most part my budget) but without the sale of my current instrument I will be unable to finance the new one.  So if anyone out there is looking for a nice old Kay let me know because I am ready to get out of the plywood jungle.

In other news I have set off my first grad school application and will hopefully be hearing from them in the near future.  I pretty excited about going to grad school as I will finally be able focus my studies on the Baroque and Renaissance Eras.  It would also be nice to be a G.A. and maybe teach a class (and get paid!).


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Yes I know it has been a while…

Alright I am on break now so I should have more time to blog (I know I always say this).  I am heading back to work tomorrow so It is possible that I will re-start my this weekend at the movies post this week.  Speaking of the movie theater business I would like to direct everyone to this fantastic web comic called Multiplex.  Multiplex provides just about the best representation of what it is like to work at a movie theater that I have found on the internet.   I have now read all 180 strips and pretty much laughed myself into oblivion.  By reading this you might come to understand why I have worked in the movie theater business for almost 9 years.


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Quote of the Day

Time for palliatives, ameliorants, placebos. I rise from my chair, feeling numb and wooden, and choose a record album from the shelf. Wolfgang Mozart, Gustav Mahler or Willie Nelson? Ernie Tubb or Giovanni Palestrina – old pal of mine. I feel the need for something gruesome but hearty. Soul music. I stack the spindle with the Resurrection Symphony, flip switch, turn volume up to nosebleed capacity and retire hurriedly to the shelter of the kitchen. The first great magnificent chords blast through the walls and rumble up my backbone at the rate of 33Y revelations per minute. Good man, Gustav. . . .

-Edward Abbey

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Prelude: Finding a new double bass

Well I have essentially sold my current double bass and am now finally in the market for a new one.  This is very exciting as I am a bass nerd and will no doubt have a lot of fun in looking  at/trying out a bunch of different basses.  It is my hope to document this journey into bass land on this blog so that everyone can share this wonderful experience.  As always stay tuned!


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Things to check out over at

In the event that you are visiting my blog and play the double bass and for some reason haven’t been to Jason Heath’s double bass blog ( I highly suggest you go check it out. Mr. Heath’s blog is simply one of the finest resources for the double bassist available today! I am especially enjoying his video post with bassist Andy Anderson (of Lyric Opera and Grant Park Symphony fame) which contain a wealth of information on bow technique. Also being an early music nut I am really enjoying Dr. Philip Serna’s early bass series of which there are now three parts.

Check out these resources and more at

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Updates (finally I know)

So…I have been a bad blogger the past couple of weeks with very little in the way of updates. Funny how I though being in Athens would lend itself to blogging, but has instead lent itself to lots of homework. Anyway thats no good excuse so I have prepared a couple of updates. First, so news: I was humbled/horrified today to realize that my blog has been provided with a link on Jason Heath’s magnificent bass blog ( This is a definite Wayne’s World moment in which I must proclaim my unworthiness at being on the same blog role as the likes of Alex Ross and oboeinsight. Nevertheless this has lit a fire under me to get started with some projects/post about music and such. I would also like to thank my friends for still checking this site on a regular basis despite my inactivity. As a gift for your dedication I present a video that has been making its way around the internet and delighting/annoying both STAR WARS and music nerds like myself.


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